Monday, December 27, 2010

Found this nifty website today

Though we at Craftermath do try to use materials that we already have kicking around the house / recycle / upcycle and what not, this website had me at hello with it's adorable, practical, cheap crafts. In my humble opinion, dollar stores mostly suck but they have their merits. For example, I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my CD mailers, though I do wonder about licking the glue that is on them sometimes. That's also my place for packing tape and glittering star stickers.

Give a peek see at this cute site and come up with your own creative cheap craft ideas. Valentine's Day is just a heart break away, but you never need an excuse to make crafts.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Above, Daniella and Jessica sell hand made goodies at the Craft-Tiki-Tacular at Otto's in NYC.

It's been a great season for Craftermath with more of last year's goodies - shrines made from carefully chosen clean trash and ornaments made from tampons, boob ornaments (that's ornaments for the trees in the shape of boobs, not ornaments FOR your boobs, although we were selling pasties too, so that's sort of a boob ornament, isn't it?) and a few new additions --

This year we added head bands made from yarn saved from being thrown into the garbage and hand made holiday cards made from envelopes purchased at thrift stores, and the shrines are even better, the way all art improves as an artist perfects their system and skills. Also added was the new CD "Perfect Holidays" with funny, nutty Christmas songs, and lucky you! Though the Craftermath season is coming to a close, you can pick up the CD any time at iTunes. We sold at Bowery Poetry Club's pop up store for most of the season with a few pop ins at other venues such as Otto's Shrunken Head and Trash Bar. A definite highlight was selling at Angels and Kings for the awesome feminist Paradigm Shift show and party.

Our mission is to incorporate items that are used, borrowed, trashed or about to become trash and recycle or "upcycle" materials (as we hear is the new nomenclature that all the kids are using these days) into useable, lovable, adorable crafts. Currently, we like to sell at shows and venues where performances are already going on. If possible, we like to be involved in the performing aspect of the show as well, with our comedy music and / or burlesque / blood wrestling.

In addition, we had some terrific additional crafters on board this year such as and Wendy Chan, as well as a few others.

If you'd like us to sell at your upcoming show, please inquire or leave a comment below. We make a great addition to the atmosphere with nifty items priced right that can be thematically complementary to your show, we promote your event, and not to mention, we've got buttloads of charm and wit. There is no fee to have us sell at the show, but we keep the money from items we sell.

Please check back here for updates about where to find us next, and have yourself a Merry little Christmas NOW.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

HOLIDAYS Pop Up Shop @ 308 Bowery, NYC
grand opening: MONDAY Dec. 12 @ 6 PM - midnight

Monday night 12/13 the BPC Holidays Pop Up Shop fun begins!

Come on by at 6:00 PM to partake in the festivities and check out the terrific merchandise available. Get on top of your holiday shopping and check out beautiful hand made jewelry out of found objects, cards, tampon holiday ornaments, shrines made out of cleaned and recycled trash items and so much more priced right. Also, tarot readings by donation will be available!

While you peruse the crafts and make a few holiday purchases remember you will be helping support the Bowery Poetry Club and all the great shows there as well as independent artists and crafts people of NYC including the Craftermath crew who will be in attendance!

Also at 6:00 PM - The art opening of Popular Language curated by Samuel Jablon will take place in the front room, so you'll be surrounded by art and culture on this fun night. No cover, free entry, the booze flows like wine at the BPC's full bar with drink specials and then if you're feelin' wild, stick around for Bingo at 8 and Diane O'Debra's open mic at 10 PM!

The BPC Holidays Pop Up Shop hours (subject to availability):

Mondays - Fridays: 6 PM to closing (about 1 am or so)
Saturdays and Sundays: Noon to close (about 1 am or so)
BPC Pop Up Store is open through December 31

Also available by appointment

Email jessdelfino at yahoo dot com or sam at sam jablon dot com if you're interested in selling your crafts in the Holidays Pop Up Shop or if you have any questions about hours or would like to make an appointment.

Upcoming: Otto's Craft-tiki-acular THIS SATURDAY Dec. 18, 6-10 pm, free entry. More details to come. Cool music, hot ladies, indie crafts and subversive fun.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tis the season to be crafty

And Craftermath has some fun events coming up in NYC. Check us out:

Wed, Dec. 8
Skits'N'Tits 2 Year Anniversary Blow Out
308 Bowery, NYC
10 PM


Thurs, Dec. 9
Paradigm Shift
Angels & Kings
12th and Ave A, NYC
7 PM


Sunday, Dec. 12
Carlay Rhodes + friends
+ Jessica Delfino's cd release party:
"Perfect Holidays"
Arlene's Grocery
more details TBA

If you love craft events but aren't in NYC, check us out on Etsy and don't forget to buy home made this year for the holidays. Here's a craft event going on in Portland, Maine Saturday Dec. 11 at 9 am that looks fun. Craftermath loves Maine!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Repurposed: Blanket into a mixer cover

Abby (my sister) in North Carolina is also a crafty one - perhaps it runs in the family? She took an old blanket and turned it into a mixer cover. Check out Abby's story, blog and her handiwork here.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

This looks fun...

Lion Brand Yarn Studio has a movie and stitch night the last Thursday of every month featuring a movie with knitting or crocheting in the scene. Damn, we're sorry we missed it! At least one Craftermather is a fan of the crochet. Is it because the word "crotch" is almost in the word crochet? We hope no, but the answer could be yes. We try not to judge each other. At least one of us Craftermathers (we won't say which) is gonna try to hit the next stitch and movie night, we hope to see you there.

You can catch us sharing our craftivist and feminist wares at a few great shows and events this season, including:
Thursday, Dec. 9
7-10 PM
Angels & Kings,
12th St. @ Ave A, NYC

...featuring comedy, feminism, crafts and fun. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buy It Used -- Only one of Craftermath's Mantras

We were delighted to see this article today on about 21 things to never buy new. The list includes CDs, jewelry and more, and we couldn't be more in agreement. Part of Craftermath's goal is to encourage people to reuse, recycle and reduce. Many of our crafts are made from reused materials -- even (our own, cleaned) garbage! 

We hope this article will help you to lessen your footprint. Buying new things can be a nice feeling, but it is simply not efficient for modern society, with the population what it is. When we discard old things, they fill landfills and spend fuel to get taken to the landfills. If we don't start taking that into consideration, one day our entire planet will be one huge land fill! Do you want to live on top of a landfill? Probably not, right? OK then, so buy things reused and encourage friends to do the same!

Friday, April 30, 2010

CRAFTERMATH's New Wednesday: punk crafts, film shorts, & subversive song! 5/5, 7 til 9pmish

We here @ CRAFTERMATH chose our events and locations carefully, and therefore they do not have a regularly recurring date. We especially like to do alternatives to co-opted holidays so the more creative members of the general public don't feel like they have to go to commercial, typical events (yawn).

CRAFTERMATH presents an LES alternative to Cinco De Mayo mayhem in a hybrid co-op boutique/bar!

Where: The Dressing Room, 75 A Orchard St. (btwn Broome & Grand)
May 5th

From 7 til 9pm-ish:
the CRAFTERMATH Creatives sell punk crafts & unusual art at a neighborhood treat-to-behold that features emerging designers & vintage goods. Affordable, unusual artwork - same goes for the drinks. Happy Hour is a real deal plus they have a permanent $ 5 beer & whiskey combo.

We'll show a collage of films by a special guest filmmaker (TBA) on the gold-framed movie screen. JESSICA DELFINO will share a new song, perhaps on an uncommon instrument. This is a flower & fauna theme: we'll have some wearable flowers in unusual mediums, and some tattoo-butterfly themed art, in addition to our anatomical heart necklaces, comics, paintings, etc.

Hoping you can join CRAFTERMATH for exciting & unusual fun times!
Weird (but friendly) creative types who enjoy cheap craft-shopping, fashion, art, drinks, music & film - meet us here!

More info also @ which also has vintage/exchange/donation downstairs & some of favorite features (bar, movie screen) upstairs!

CRAFTERMATH field trip to NYC's annual EASTER PARADE!

Two members of CRAFTERMATH ventured to Midtown for NYC's annual Easter Parade on Sunday, April 4th. It's one of NYC's wackier parades, and has managed to have a tradition of about 100 yrs. or so, with very low key publicity. Plus the weather is almost always beautiful, year after year. Paraders get to be photographed along 10 closed blocks of 5th Avenue by paparazzi that mostly poop out on the parade's theme. The theme is Easter bonnets, but plenty of our fellow wackos delight in wearing head to toe Easter finery. Finery counts as 1950's flapper, formal any-era chic, day-glo, festive floral overload, and the ever popular: basket-on-the-head accented by beloved Peeps. The non-consensual dressing up of companion animals is also a tradition. Here are pictures of CRAFTERMATH's High Priestess of Peeps and Easter Disaster along w/some of our favorite Paraders. We were accompanied by our friend and comrade, whom we christened "The Ghost of Easter Past," who happens to also be a chair on NY State's Young Feminist Task Force.

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello and welcome! Look for us tomorrow, marching in the Easter parade. Hint: You'll know when you see us because one of us will be playing a pink flying - V ukulele!

Hello and welcome to our new blog. Our old blog seems to have vanished into the google abyss. They said that happens from time to time. Let's have a moment of silence for our deceased blog, pulled into the quicksands of the internet before it's prime.


OK and now it's time to move on to greener pastures.

Check back here to learn about our events and crafts. Thanks for reading!