Thursday, October 28, 2010

This looks fun...

Lion Brand Yarn Studio has a movie and stitch night the last Thursday of every month featuring a movie with knitting or crocheting in the scene. Damn, we're sorry we missed it! At least one Craftermather is a fan of the crochet. Is it because the word "crotch" is almost in the word crochet? We hope no, but the answer could be yes. We try not to judge each other. At least one of us Craftermathers (we won't say which) is gonna try to hit the next stitch and movie night, we hope to see you there.

You can catch us sharing our craftivist and feminist wares at a few great shows and events this season, including:
Thursday, Dec. 9
7-10 PM
Angels & Kings,
12th St. @ Ave A, NYC

...featuring comedy, feminism, crafts and fun. We hope to see you there.