Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Above, Daniella and Jessica sell hand made goodies at the Craft-Tiki-Tacular at Otto's in NYC.

It's been a great season for Craftermath with more of last year's goodies - shrines made from carefully chosen clean trash and ornaments made from tampons, boob ornaments (that's ornaments for the trees in the shape of boobs, not ornaments FOR your boobs, although we were selling pasties too, so that's sort of a boob ornament, isn't it?) and a few new additions --

This year we added head bands made from yarn saved from being thrown into the garbage and hand made holiday cards made from envelopes purchased at thrift stores, and the shrines are even better, the way all art improves as an artist perfects their system and skills. Also added was the new CD "Perfect Holidays" with funny, nutty Christmas songs, and lucky you! Though the Craftermath season is coming to a close, you can pick up the CD any time at iTunes. We sold at Bowery Poetry Club's pop up store for most of the season with a few pop ins at other venues such as Otto's Shrunken Head and Trash Bar. A definite highlight was selling at Angels and Kings for the awesome feminist Paradigm Shift show and party.

Our mission is to incorporate items that are used, borrowed, trashed or about to become trash and recycle or "upcycle" materials (as we hear is the new nomenclature that all the kids are using these days) into useable, lovable, adorable crafts. Currently, we like to sell at shows and venues where performances are already going on. If possible, we like to be involved in the performing aspect of the show as well, with our comedy music and / or burlesque / blood wrestling.

In addition, we had some terrific additional crafters on board this year such as and Wendy Chan, as well as a few others.

If you'd like us to sell at your upcoming show, please inquire or leave a comment below. We make a great addition to the atmosphere with nifty items priced right that can be thematically complementary to your show, we promote your event, and not to mention, we've got buttloads of charm and wit. There is no fee to have us sell at the show, but we keep the money from items we sell.

Please check back here for updates about where to find us next, and have yourself a Merry little Christmas NOW.

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