Friday, April 30, 2010

CRAFTERMATH field trip to NYC's annual EASTER PARADE!

Two members of CRAFTERMATH ventured to Midtown for NYC's annual Easter Parade on Sunday, April 4th. It's one of NYC's wackier parades, and has managed to have a tradition of about 100 yrs. or so, with very low key publicity. Plus the weather is almost always beautiful, year after year. Paraders get to be photographed along 10 closed blocks of 5th Avenue by paparazzi that mostly poop out on the parade's theme. The theme is Easter bonnets, but plenty of our fellow wackos delight in wearing head to toe Easter finery. Finery counts as 1950's flapper, formal any-era chic, day-glo, festive floral overload, and the ever popular: basket-on-the-head accented by beloved Peeps. The non-consensual dressing up of companion animals is also a tradition. Here are pictures of CRAFTERMATH's High Priestess of Peeps and Easter Disaster along w/some of our favorite Paraders. We were accompanied by our friend and comrade, whom we christened "The Ghost of Easter Past," who happens to also be a chair on NY State's Young Feminist Task Force.

Happy Easter, Peeps!

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