Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buy It Used -- Only one of Craftermath's Mantras

We were delighted to see this article today on Yahoo.com about 21 things to never buy new. The list includes CDs, jewelry and more, and we couldn't be more in agreement. Part of Craftermath's goal is to encourage people to reuse, recycle and reduce. Many of our crafts are made from reused materials -- even (our own, cleaned) garbage! 

We hope this article will help you to lessen your footprint. Buying new things can be a nice feeling, but it is simply not efficient for modern society, with the population what it is. When we discard old things, they fill landfills and spend fuel to get taken to the landfills. If we don't start taking that into consideration, one day our entire planet will be one huge land fill! Do you want to live on top of a landfill? Probably not, right? OK then, so buy things reused and encourage friends to do the same!